The Cranium

The Cranium is designed to protect the screen by dispersing any impact to the sides
where  there is more support. The Cranium works with both the Samsung and
Acer brand Chromebooks.

The air pocket in between The Cranium
and the Chromebook lid prevents
everyday impacts from damaging
the screen.

The durable Cranium is made of a solid, yet pliable type of PVC that, when attached to the Chromebook, can uphold twenty-five pounds of weight. The adhesive tape will keep The Cranium attached to the Chromebook for years to come. The Chromebook will need replacing before your Cranium.

Other features, as seen in the image below, include
The Cranium's trademark notch, which provides an excellent place
for your students' fingers to grasp while carrying it through the hallways.
The extra 1/2" thickness also adds that extra thickness, without the weight,
students need to carry the Chromebook through the halls without it slipping out of their hand.

Cost to replace chromebook LCD $50 to $70!  Cost for The Cranium starts at $9.50 each.
School logo or color is available. Call for volume prices.

      Cost for iPearl mCover is $20 each.  Call for volume prices. School logo customization available.

Chromebook Replacement LCD’s

LCD Screens for all models available starting at $55 ea.

Call with Make & Model for volume prices

Chicago Public Schools Vendor # 64923

241 Willow Avenue   Deerfield, IL 60015

800-472-4667 Toll-Free    847-940-0490 Local

847-602-2438 Mobile   847-940-7220 Fax  

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