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MimioTeach Interactive System

What if you didn’t have to buy an interactive whiteboard to get an interactive whiteboard?

Mimio innovation makes it possible. We put technology on the whiteboard, not in the whiteboard. You don’t need to buy and set up complicated and expensive equipment.

With a MimioTeach™ interactive system you can:

  1. Mount it to your whiteboard magnetically, so it's easy to move it to different classrooms or remove it for safekeeping.

  2. Concentrate on being a teacher, not a techie.

  3. Create engaging, student-centered, interactive lessons with the included MimioStudio software.

  4. Enjoy all the tools you need to encourage active learning.

  5. Be certain that its rugged design will help it last through years of classroom use.

  6. Meet the requirements of your school budget.

The patented MimioTeach stylus is a slender, ergonomic pen that:

  1. Fits comfortably in hands of all sizes.

  2. Lets you control the information on your computer from your whiteboard, without wires.

  3. Works automatically, so there's no learning curve.

  4. Recharges automatically in the MimioTeach bar.

The tiny MimioHub™ wireless receiver plugs
into a USB port on your computer. The hub enables automatic integration with the MimioTeach bar and
stylus, the MimioVote assessment system and the MimioCapture ink recording system.

You can set up a MimioTeach system by
yourself in minutes. Just follow these five
simple steps:

  1. 1.Connect one of the three available power options.

  2. 2.Place the MimioTeach bar anywhere on the left side of your ordinary whiteboard.

  3. 3.Plug the MimioHub receiver into a USB port on your computer.

  4. 4.Connect your computer to a standard projector.

  5. 5.Push the Interactive/Calibration button on the bar. MimioStudio software will lead you through this simple process, which is only necessary for first-time setup.

That's it. You're done. The MimioTeach bar integrates wirelessly with the MimioHub receiver to display your computer screen on your whiteboard via a projector.

MimioTeach Features

To place your order call 800-472-4667.

With a MimioTeach system, you can easily:

  1. Turn any ordinary whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard.

  2. Encourage participation at the whiteboard.

  3. Search the Mimio Gallery for ready-to-use lesson content.

  4. Enliven lessons with audio, video, and Flash files.

  5. Record video lessons to reuse whenever you want.

  6. Record audio files using your computer’s microphone.

  7. Import existing lessons from Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat.

  8. Save your whiteboard notes and drawings to your computer.

Teacher-Directed Instruction

Collaborative Learning

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